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Nora Super and others at Listening Sessions 2014

12. July 2015 15:29
by Nora Super


12. July 2015 15:29 by Nora Super | 0 Comments

This past year has been incredible. As Executive Director of the White House Conference on Aging, I’ve been thrilled to travel the country and have the opportunity to listen and learn from  older Americans and their families in the lead up to our 2015 conference – the sixth in our nation’s history.

The conference is taking place at the White House today, so be sure to visit WhiteHouse.gov to view the livestream of the conference from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM ET.

One of the lessons we learned through this journey is that older Americans, their families and other caregivers sometimes need help navigating the array of federal, state and local supports that are available. 

That’s why today we’re delighted to launch Aging.gov - a springboard to all of the federal government resources related to aging. 

If you visit Aging.gov today, here are some things you’ll find:

  • You can find ideas for healthy behaviors and ways to stay involved in your community – proven paths to a long, productive and meaningful life. 
  • You can find tips on how to use preventive services, keep track of medications and how to manage common health conditions that arise when we age. 
  • You can learn more about long-term care options and elder justice to ensure that older Americans get care where they’re most comfortable and stay safe from abuse, discrimination or exploitation. 
  • You can find tips to make sure you are financially secure as you age. 
  • You can also find links to the variety of state resources that are available to help where you live. 
  • There are even links to file for Social Security benefits, enroll in Medicare and apply for Medicaid coverage.
Aging.gov isn’t just for older Americans. We all know a friend or a neighbor who cares for an older loved one. And many of us have had questions about what happens when our own spouse, parent or grandparent may they need a little more help getting through the day. The resources and support available through Aging.gov are there for all of us. 

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